Korea, North Chiefs of State 2010

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Korea, North Chiefs of State 2010

Gen. Sec., Korean Workers' Party KIM Jong Il
Chmn., National Defense Commission (NDC) KIM Jong Il, DPRK Mar.
Supreme Cdr., Korean People's Army (KPA) KIM Jong Il, DPRK Mar.
First Vice Chmn., NDC JO Myong Rok, KPA VMar.
Vice Chmn., NDC KIM Yong Chun, KPA VMar.
Vice Chmn., NDC RI Yong Mu, KPA VMar.
Vice Chmn., NDC O Kuk Ryol, KPA Gen.
Member, NDC JON Pyong Ho
Member, NDC KIM Il Chol, KPA VMar.
Member, NDC PAEK Se Bong
Member, NDC JANG Song Thaek
Member, NDC JU Sang Song, KPA Gen.
Member, NDC U Tong Chuk, KPA Col. Gen.
Member, NDC JU Kyu Chang
Member, NDC KIM Jong Gak, KPA Gen.
Councilor, NDC PAK Myong Chol
Min. of People's Armed Forces (directly subordinate to the NDC) KIM Yong Chun, KPA VMar.
Pres., Supreme People's Assembly (SPA) Presidium KIM Yong Nam
Vice Pres., SPA Presidium YANG Hyong Sop
Vice Pres., SPA Presidium KIM Yong Dae
Honorary Vice Pres., SPA Presidium KIM Yong Ju
Sec. Gen., SPA Presidium CHOE Yong Rim
Member, SPA Presidium RYU Mi Yong
Member, SPA Presidium KANG Yong Sop
Member, SPA Presidium SIM Sang Jin
Member, SPA Presidium HONG Sok Hyong
Member, SPA Presidium KIM Yang Gon
Member, SPA Presidium RI Yong Chol
Member, SPA Presidium KIM Pyong Phal
Member, SPA Presidium KANG Chang Uk
Member, SPA Presidium RO Song Sil
Member, SPA Presidium PYON Yong Rip
Member, SPA Presidium THAE Hyong Chol
Chmn., SPA CHOE Thae Bok
Vice Chmn., SPA KIM Wan Su
Vice Chmn., SPA HONG Son Ok
Premier, Cabinet KIM Yong Il
Vice Premier, Cabinet KWAK Pom Gi
Vice Premier, Cabinet RO Tu Chol
Vice Premier, Cabinet O Su Yong
Vice Premier, Cabinet PAK Su Gil
Vice Premier, Cabinet PAK Myong Son
Chief, Cabinet Secretariat KIM Yong Ho
Min. of Agriculture KIM Chang Sik
Min. of Capital City Construction KIM Ung Gwan
Min. of Chemical Industry RI Mu Yong
Min. of Coal Industry KIM Hyong Sik
Min. of Commerce KIM Pong Chol
Min. of Construction & Building-Materials Industries TONG Jong Ho
Min. of Culture KANG Nung Su
Min. of Education KIM Yong Jin
Min. of Electric Power Industry HO Thaek
Min. of Electronics Industry HAN Kwang Bok
Min. of Finance PAK Su Gil
Min. of Fisheries PAK Thae Won
Min. of Foodstuffs & Daily Necessities Industry JONG Yon Gwa
Min. of Foreign Affairs PAK Ui Chun
Min. of Foreign Trade RI Ryong Nam
Min. of Forestry KIM Kwang Yong
Min. of Labor JONG Yong Su
Min. of Land & Environment Preservation PAK Song Nam
Min. of Land & Marine Transport RA Tong Hui
Min. of Light Industry RI Ju O
Min. of Machine-Building Industry JO Pyong Ju
Min. of Metal Industry KIM Thae Bong
Min. of Mining Industry KANG Min Chol
Min. of Oil Industry KIM Hui Yong
Min. of People's Security JU Sang Song, KPA Gen.
Min. of Post & Telecommunications RYU Yong Sop
Min. of Procurement & Food Admin. MUN Ung Jo
Min. of Public Health CHOE Chang Sik
Min. of Railways JON Kil Su
Min. of State Construction Control PAE Tal Jun
Min. of State Inspection KIM Ui Sun
Min. of Urban Management HWANG Hak Won
Chmn., State Planning Commission RO Tu Chol
Chmn., Physical Culture & Sports Guidance Commission PAK Hak Son
Pres., State Academy of Sciences JANG Chol
Dir., Central Statistics Bureau KIM Chang Su
Pres., Central Bank RI Kwang Gon
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York SIN Son Ho

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